NickerDoodles Handmade Natural Horse Treats
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NickerDoodles - Handmade Natural Gourmet Horse Treats

Horse fanciers everywhere are discovering the finest in gourmet horse treats - NickerDoodles - baked fresh with Handmade Natural, easily digestible ingredients-oats, wheat bran, barley, corn and molasses -- any horse's favorite tastes. Has your horse tried NickerDoodles? Be prepared for a VERY enthusiastic response! We have yet to meet a horse who didn't love them from the first bite. Your horse will definitely feel cherished and appreciated when he is rewarded with these special treats.

NickerDoodles were developed in the Carolinas and have quickly gained in popularity across the country. Handcrafted from a healthy and tasty recipe, these soft equine treats are carefully packaged in the widely recognized resealable plastic pails, and they're available in three convenient sizes. The pride of Virginia Milam and her family at Khaki Run Horse Farm in Summerfield, North Carolina, NickerDoodles are a consistently superior quality handmade horse treat. And you can find them at more than 100 fine retail locations from Colorado to Connecticut, from Texas to Tennessee, and all points in between!

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Virginia Milam and her husband, Paul, operate the Khaki Run Horse Farm where they pursue their passion for horses through breeding, training and sales of quality mounts. Active involvement in the show circuit by their entire family allows them to maintain a strong connection to the equestrian community, frequenting horse shows alongside their product purchasers and happy customers, while still producing NickerDoodles right from Khaki Run with the assistance of Barn Manager Billy Bullis.

We think that given a choice, your horse will prefer NickerDoodles over any other culinary reward on the market. So treat your horse to his heart's desire - freshly baked NickerDoodles gourmet treats - ask for them at your favorite tack shop, feed store or mobile store….. You'll be enchanted by your horse's eager acceptance and obvious delight!

Please contact Virginia W. Milam, 8646 West Market Street, Suite 109, Greensboro, NC 27409 · Tel: 336-339-9799 · Email Flollow NickerDoodles on Facebook!
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